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About Rail Freight

Rail freight is a robust and eco-friendly transportation mode, involving the movement of goods by train over extensive networks of tracks. Renowned for its efficiency, rail freight offers substantial cargo capacity and reduced fuel consumption compared to road transportation. It’s ideal for transporting bulk commodities, raw materials, and manufactured goods over long distances.

Rail freight’s dedicated routes and consistent schedules ensure dependable deliveries, while its lower carbon footprint contributes to sustainable logistics. At Delipack Express, we harness the power of rail freight to optimize supply chains, providing reliable and environmentally conscious solutions for businesses worldwide.

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What's the benefits

Rail freight offers a range of compelling benefits:

Supply Chain Technology & Customized Solutions

Empowering Businesses: Swift, Sustainable, and Reliable Logistics with Delipack Express

Delipack Express provides exceptional benefits for major businesses. Our advanced logistics technology ensures smooth and immediate tracking, making supply chain operations more efficient.

Through our worldwide network of well-placed hubs, we promise fast and trustworthy deliveries to any place. Our focus on eco-friendly practices for sustainability not only saves money but also matches your company’s social responsibility objectives.


Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Delipack Express FAQ section! Here, we address common questions to provide you with quick and informative answers about our services and operations.

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Delipack Express offers a range of logistics services, including Ecommerce, Surface & Air Cargo, catering to various industries. Contact us if you have any further questions.

Delipack Rail Freight is our specialized service for transporting goods using the rail network, offering efficient and cost-effective solutions for various cargo needs.

Rail freight provides benefits like cost savings, high capacity, reduced carbon emissions, and stability, making it an attractive option for long-distance and bulk transportation.

Delipack Rail Freight is suitable for a wide range of cargo, including bulk commodities, raw materials, manufactured goods, and more.

We prioritize the safety of your cargo through secure loading, proper packaging, and adherence to industry regulations, ensuring safe delivery.

Yes, our rail freight service often includes tracking features, allowing you to monitor your cargo's progress and stay informed.