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Director's Message

I'm Ravindra Singh Chauhan

I invite you to step into our world. With a journey that embarked in the logistics service industry in June 1995, I’ve woven a story of dedication, learning, and growth over the past 28 years.
My professional voyage has been punctuated by collaborations with prominent industry brands, including ELBEE Express Courier Services, TNT Express Courier Services, Transafe Services Ltd, Kingfisher Xpress, Reliance Logistics Pvt Ltd, Linfox India Pvt Ltd, and DP World India Pvt Ltd. These experiences have sculpted my understanding of logistics intricacies, honed my problem-solving acumen, and fueled my passion for excellence.
Safety, efficiency, and innovation have been my compass throughout. Whether it’s streamlining courier services, optimizing aviation logistics, or pioneering efficient solutions across various industries, my commitment remains steadfast.
At present, I’m contributing my expertise to Delipack Express Pvt Ltd, where I’m instrumental in charting innovative strategies and executing them flawlessly in the realm of express logistics.
My journey has nurtured a deep appreciation for the art of supply chain management, and I find joy in refining processes, elevating customer experiences, and driving growth through the orchestration of seamless logistical operations.
As you explore this space, consider this an open invitation to connect. Whether you’re an industry peer, a fellow logistics enthusiast, or a potential collaborator, I look forward to forging new connections and exploring the endless possibilities that the logistics world offers.
Warm regards,
Ravindra Singh Chauhan

Director's Message

I'm Rizwan Khan

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Our Management Team

At Delipack Express, our success is driven by a dedicated and experienced management team that guides our operations and ensures excellence in every aspect of our services.

Vaibhav Lakhan

Sales Head

Dikesh Darge

Operation Head

Ankita Anil Raut

Customer Care Manager